So the LSE to own Borsa Italiana who own MTS. Carla Furse publicly stating the LSE’s desire to have MTS as part of the group and diversify into Fixed Income, thus putting a spanner in ICAP’s dream of owning MTS (I would be interested to see if ICAP did own MTS, if they’d follow the recommendations from the study they sponsored last year! 😉 )

The puzzling bit for me is why get rid of the CEO (Gianluca Garbi) and his two Deputies (Philippe Rakotavao and Francesco Margini) at this point in time?

Now I’d never claim to fully or even partially understand the functioning of Italian business but clearly there was some issue between the management of Borsa Italiana and the manangement of MTS. What these issues were remains a mystery to me and to a number of people still with MTS……time will tell.