Also from late last week, Reuters Australia and Yieldbroker announced that they have agreed to offer a trading link between their respective fixed income data, news and information systems. For Yieldbroker this means using Reuters Asian network to gain new investors in AUD and NZD debt product. Looks a win-win at face value.

Yieldbroker claim to do 35-40% of Aussie/Kiwi FI trades, more than over the phone, with Bloomberg being a distant second in the e-trading stakes. This is very impressive (maybe unbelievable, actually) in my books, given the liquidity in the Govy markets “Down Under” make Gilts look like Treasuries! Ah, the benefits of budget surpluses……essentially means there are ACGB’s purely to maintain a benchmark curve for the markets.

Yieldbroker doesn’t have Westpac, NAB or the Commonwealth Bank onboard. The three biggest Aussie banks…..35-40% of ALL trades? I’m a bit dubious about that 35-40% figure, but it seems a good, independent system.