I was reading the August 2007 issue of Euromoney, including their 2007 Structured Credit Poll results. Interesting to me was the poll for the best Banks in Online Trading Capabilities!

How much structured credit is traded online? Very, very little is the answer. As such, how much can you read into the table?

Anyway, the results:

1. JP Morgan (retained #1 from 2006, only #4 for Price Discovery)
2. Deutsche Bank
3. Merrills
4. Goldman (but #1 for Online Price Discovery – so indicate a great price but never firm it up?)
5. Lehman
6. Soc Gen
7. Morgan Stanley
=8. ABN Amro
=8. Citi
10. Bear
11. Calyon
12. Dresdner
13. Bar Cap (quite poor given their “e” strength, but are better at Price Discovery at #7)
14. HSBC
15. BNPP