Yesterday ICAP announced record volumes for August.

“ICAP’s electronic broking platforms EBS and BrokerTec traded a record of approximately $1.3 trillion ($1,275 billion) on Thursday 16 August, an increase of almost $200 billion above the previous record ($1,077 billion). This was followed by $1.2 trillion ($1,218 billion) on Friday 17 August. Average daily volumes on EBS and BrokerTec in the month of August reached $945 billion, an increase of 51 percent on August 2006.”

and more specifically in Fixed Income:

“Electronically traded fixed income products – U.S. Treasuries, European Repo and US Repo – also reached a new record of $819 billion on 16 August, breaking the previous record of $809 billion. Average daily volume in these products in August was $703 billion, an increase of 42 percent on August 2006.”

Who said market volatility doesn’t effect e-trading volumes?