Same time last year I rambled about how things hadn’t advanced as much as we’d all hoped.

So what was different in 2007?

– LiquidityHub happened (not quite a life changing event)
– Fusion happened (even less so)
– Swaps went “e”……oh, hang on! No they didn’t did they?

So what’s going to happen in 2008 in the world of FI e-trading?

At the risk of sounding a little negative given the current market environment:

– Nothing
– Nothing, and
– Nothing

PLEASE disagree with me, I beg you!

But with banks losing BILLIONS by the Quarter (and more to come despite tonight’s Fed 50bp cut) how are they going to spend what may be required? I mean, according to the Bond King on CNBC tonight, they’re still trying to flog syndicated loans to investors at 95-96c in the dollar…….please!

In 2008 FI e-Trading will be so far down the priority list of ALL banks that any progress is simply impossible. At best more swaps will be traded electronically on 31 December 2008 than were on 1 January 2008…………..see what I did there? 😉