What a week and a half in the markets, huh? Only good thing was I was in Milan yesterday and it was 22C and sunny (shame about the 2-hour delay coming back due to the backpack idiot at Heathrow). Well I’ve been busy so here are a few pieces from recent weeks, and my view.

Some TradeWeb.

If I were TW I’d be more worried about Bear Stearns, especially, and a few of the other less than brilliant Banks they have as Price Makers. Wachovia has it’s issues and Dresdner and Credit Suisse are not exactly the greatest e-trading houses going around!

Some CME/Swapstream news

This quote from the article says it all about the offering “CME has no sellside support to boast of and that is critical to its success”. If you are in LiquidityHub and/or TradeWeb as a bank, why would you support an exchange that takes your clients away from you, will charge you for the pleasure of doing that and already charges you an enormous amout of money to trade and clear futures?

Also heard a rumour about Bloomberg trying to resurect SwapsHouse. My view? Similar to that about Swapstream.