Greetings. A brief professional summary, I’ve worked in the financial markets for nearly 15 years, predominantly in Bond Sales but I have done my time in Funds Management and FI ECN. I like to think I’ve got a good understanding of what motivates all three of these particpants in the FI e-trading world.

Please note that any opinions expressed in these pages are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect the view of my current or former employers.

Any reader’s comments are entirely their responsibilty, however I’ll always endeavour to delete any inappropriate posts.


9 Responses to “About”

  1. followup Says:

    Has anyone heard anything about Blackbird? They were the first ones trading swaps electronically back in 1999. I see they got another patent recently. I wonder how many patents they have now, and how many more they still have in the pipeline?

  2. barry Says:

    I remember when Blackbird came around circa 1999. Their main problem appeared to be technical — JAVA.

    Blackbird required the installation of a JAVA VM and the ability to communicate through firewalls. Both required IT depts to get involved which was something of a disaster.

    Don’t think that they ever really gained any traction.

  3. oldtimer Says:

    boys, love the website….
    can i ask you a few questions?

    on liquidityhub
    we agree the hub is there to protect swap franchise from superhedge funds and exchanges
    but delivery over bb, or reuters… why ?
    ok you get wide distribution, everyone is linked
    but you can’t monetize the platform
    and as markets get tighter, and transparency
    is known, the otc model, with inside prices and outside prices no longer works when all prices are known and virtually locked

    seems there is a better approach

    would love your thoughts on a project i am involved in

  4. barry Says:


    Just my thoughts:

    1) using bb/reuters gives the appearance of impartiality/fairness. end users can say the deal was done through a third party platform

    2) if exchanges do come up with a competing product, their offering will be on some ubiquitious platform (the web, TT, etc as well as bb and retuers) so this way the dealers get somewhat of a head start

  5. Doug Chorna Says:

    Would like to talk to you about some FI products we have developed.

    561 495-0351

  6. Boast-er Says:

    Hello- your friends at have been down for a while. Any idea what happened to them? Learned about them only from your “link” section above.

    Thank you.

  7. Waratah Says:

    No, he is still there, I read him everyday. You sometrimes need to scroll down to get to the text. For some reason it comes up blank but the good oil is there.

  8. Kun Says:

    Hi, just heard that Ion Trading acquired Orimos (Swiss FI pricing engine). I am wondering how that will fit with their earlier acquisition of FinVision.

  9. b Says:

    Hi, I’m working on a new book on electronic trading. I’d be interested in a fixed income perspective – if you’d like to see the draft mail me, thanks!

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